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Bay Plumbing

I highly recommend Bay Plumbing for all, and I do mean all your plumbing needs.  Mr. Beans, who started Bay Plumbing in 1968, is semi-retired now.  His son Robert runs the company, (talk about nepotism).  Robert told me, we were his company's second customer and his longest "breathing customer", (personally, I am very happy to have the second recognition). 

If you ever need a good plumber, and I mean a good plumber, (in Miami-Dade County), call Bay Plumbing.  It doesn't matter how big or how small the job is.  They will do it right the first time.  We've provided a link to their web site so you can check them for yourself.

Robert Beans

Bay Plumbing
3029 SW 28 Street

Miami, Fl 33133

Phone 305 446-8141

Email: Robert            Web Site: BayPlumbingCo


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