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Thomas J. Dixon

If you think you are paying too much in real estate taxes you very well may be. Your real estate taxes are based on your real estate's assessed value.  The higher the assessed value the more you pay in real estate taxes. 

Did you know you can appeal the assessed value of your real estate?  You can do it yourself or you can hire a professional who will do it for you. If you want a professional, who will get you positive results, then I highly recommend Tom Dixon. If Tom reduces the assessment you pay him a percentage of the taxes saved.  If he is unable to get the assessment adjusted, you won't owe him a thing.  By the way, I have him appeal the assessment on all the properties under our management.

Tom is also a very close personal friend whom I have known for over 36 years. His is so "real estate" knowledgeable it is almost unbelievable.  What is even more impressive is he is willing to share his knowledge.

I suggest you go to his web site and sign up for his “thought of the week” E-mail.  Tom is a sailor and owns a 38’ Morgan. To learn more about him just click onto his web site.

Thomas J. Dixon
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