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Shake-A-Leg Miami

This is the most inspirational, inspiring, most "I can't believe this" program that I have ever been associated with. 

Shake-A-Leg came into being because its founder, Harry Horgan fell off the back of a truck and became paralyzed . He didn’t let his “disability” stop him from doing what he most enjoyed. In his wheel chair, he went to Tillerson-Pearson (manufacturers of the J-Boats, Pearson and Freedom sailboats) and asked them to design a boat he could sail. Think about that.  Design a sailboat that a "disabled sailor" could sail.  The boat designers at Tillerson-Pearson took their standard 20 foot Freedom and put in two sitting chairs and a whole lot of floatation so it wouldn't sink.  Harry got his sailboat!

He felt such a relief sailing he thought there must be other physically challenged people who would benefit from doing what he did, so he started Shake-A-Leg in Rhode Island. He thought a whole lot of people could gain renewed self esteem and develop new self confidence by learning how to sail a boat. You know what?  He was right.  By the 3rd sailing class you can see the chair-bound and able bodied students coming onto the Shake-A-Leg dock with more energy and with bigger smiles then they ever had before.

Dr. Barth Greene, of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, heard of Harry’s activities and asked him to come down and start a similar program in Miami. It didn’t take Harry long to figure out he could sail year round in Miami versus only 6 to 7 months in Rhode Island.

In 20 short years, SAL-Miami has expanded from teaching primarily the physically challenged to teaching able-bodied adults and children. We also have developed programs for children of all socioeconomic backgrounds including at-risk kids. Shake-A-Leg Miami offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sailing and Cruising classes.  We also have a certification course sanctioned and approved by the US Sailing Association and the American Sailing Association.  The certifications earned in these courses are recognized world-wide.  Bet you can't guess who's the Head Sailing Instructor?

To be honest with you, I sincerely believe we offer one of the better learn-to-sail programs anywhere.  A good number of our students, both the physically challenged and the able bodied, who go through our sailing classes enjoy their experience so much that they become volunteer skippers for the various programs and activities offered at Shake-A-Leg.

To learn more about Shake-A-Leg Miami including all the programs, activities and classes they offer, click onto their web site link.

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